Call for web designers

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    • Call for web designers - News schrieb:


      As many of you know we are working on a new community website, and we need your help to design it!

      What we are looking for a UI developer who:

      • can design a website in Photoshop, Sketch, or another prototyping tool
        • HTML/CSS experience is a plus, but not necessary
      • would be open to further working with us to design a new homepage and forum design
      • has an eye for good UX and good accessibility

      From you, we need:

      • a new community website design that is suitable for the modern web
      • not a redesign of the MTA logo

      Since we are an open source project, we all volunteer our time towards developing and moderating Multi Theft Auto. All of our donations go to server costs, therefore we are unable to pay for a designer.

      Here's what we can give you:

      • a contributor rank on the forums
      • a spot in the credits

      We understand that this is a lot of work, so we're primarily interested in working with you continuously over the next several months.

      How to apply

      Each submission should include:

      • links to a redesign of a single MTA page of your choosing
      • this can be any webpage on the MTA network (homepage, community, forum, nightly)
      • an image or a sketch is enough (no HTML required!)

      For bonus points (optional), you can include:

      • a couple sentences explaining your background/interest
        • this can be anything relating to your activity in MTA or stuff you do in your spare time
      • examples / a portfolio of your previous work (links are great!)

      If you are interested in working with us, please respond to this topic by the end of September with the above info & suitable links.

      If you have any questions, feel free to respond to this topic or contact us on Discord.

      After all the designs have been submitted we'll contact the author of the best submission. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

      I'm not a web designer, how can I help?

      At the moment we are NOT currently looking for other contributors. Feel free to give feedback and vote on submissions. Please be considerate when using the quote feature (do not include large images in quotes).

      Thank you!