Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.7 is released!

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    • Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.7 is released! - News schrieb:


      Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.7 is released

      Today we are proud to announce the release of MTA:SA 1.5.7. You will receive an automatic update soon, but if you don't have MTA installed, you can get it from the home page. This is the final release to support Windows XP and Vista — if you still use Windows XP or Vista, upgrade Windows now.


      Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas turned 10 years old last week. Happy birthday!

      • This is the 24th 1.x.x release
      • 359 days since our last release
      • 27 new functions
      • 4 new events
      • 117+ bug fixes and changes
      • 540+ commits
      • 30 contributors, of which 7 are new
      • 64+ total contributors


      This release is backwards compatible with the older 1.5.x releases (1.5.6, 1.5.5, all the way to 1.5). However, if you would like to take advantage of all of these useful changes, you will need to go and download the update!

      Servers: binaries are available. Do not forget to update your default resources.


      This release includes many additions, improvements, and fixes:

      Read the 1.5.7 release notes for a complete set of changes and more information about the improvements listed below. Watch or star our GitHub repository to keep on top of all the things we're working on. Below is a very small subset of what we've improved:

      Important future script changes

      From 1.6 onwards we will be making at least the following changes:

      • callRemote callbacks currently set the error code to nil when there is no error. In 1.6, to be consistent with fetchRemote, the error code reported will be 0. See GitHub #294.
      • Since July 2016 if you provide an invalid string like "randomstring" when a function expects a number, the string will be treated as 0 and raise a script warning. In 1.6 this will be an error. You will still be able to provide strings containing numbers (e.g. "100" and "12.34"), this change only affects invalid strings. See GitHub #1043.
      • When providing a width and height of (0, 0) to createBrowser or guiCreateBrowser you will encounter a script error instead of a warning. The warning was introduced Feb 2019. See GitHub #1069.
      • Some functions expect only unsigned integers (positive numbers), and since Jan 2016 providing negative numbers would be a warning. This will now be an error. See GitHub #1070.
      • Since Aug 2015, we replaced the custom mtalocal:// URL scheme with http://mta/resourceName/blah.html. This mtalocal:// URL scheme will now be removed. See GitHub #1071.

      This list is inconclusive and we may introduce more changes later.

      What's next?

      Multi Theft Auto depends on community input and contributions. To keep a project like MTA going we need LOTS of people. You can help in the following areas:


      We are looking for a web designer to help us create a new website. Click here for more information.

      Testing and bug reporting

      Whenever you encounter a bug or recognise a need for improvement, we can't fix it until you tell us your problem!

      We're continually working on new features and fixes for MTA, and this always needs testing. Join our Nightly release stream and make sure you keep in touch with on Discord and report issues on GitHub.


      If you know C++ you may be interested in helping improve Multi Theft Auto's client. Working on open-source software may seem scary, but the best way is to try! Read GitHub's open source guide, and then find an itch to scratch, or scratch your own!


      Documentation is important, but also time consuming. If you enjoy writing and have some knowledge of English, or you would like to translate the English version to your native language, you’re very welcome to do so. Just head over to our wiki, create an account, and start editing!


      Do you like people? Can you give calm and thought-out responses to users needing help? Then you can spend some time providing support to those who need it. Many answers can be found on our wiki, so make sure to take some time to read it. Then, either join our chat or forums (linked below), or simply help us sort out issues and answer questions on the GitHub repository.


      Want to translate MTA to your own language? Awesome! Visit us on Pootle. As soon as your translation is approved, it will be pushed to our repository for use in future releases.


      Keeping the MTA downloads, master server and websites alive costs money! If you want to help us sustain our financial expenses, please donate!

      Thank you!

      Thank you to the following community members for their donations this year:

      Arran, [RUS] Artem Smirnov, Atti, (SAUR)Castillo, CEKfile, .:CiBeR:., Dmi7ry, HACKER99, Malone, Nero, Nicolae Vlad, pentaflops, Platin, -ffs-Sniper, Tapleto-Hos

      Thank you very much to the following community members for their work towards this release:

      Addlibs, Arran, CrosRoad95, Dezash, Dutchman101, FileEx, forkerer, Haxardous, lex128, lopezloo, LopSided, Neproify, nonamenoname, ricksterhd123, samr46, StrixG, tederis, TheNormalnij, xerox8521, xLuxy and many others who contributed to our wiki and helped out with issues.
      (If your name is missing or you want to change your entry above, please let us know on Discord!)

      You could be on this list! We're always on the lookout for new contributors. Contribute on GitHub, and chat with us on Discord. We have channels for scripting, general support (bugs), mod development, and many more!

      Finally, please give a   to our newest contributor @myonlake and our newest addition to the MTA team @botder!

      Have a good summer!

      — MTA Team

    • Rest in Peace an alle XP- und Vista-Nutzer :D

      Aber könnte das nicht schlimmstenfalls die Spielerzahl senken, wenn XP und Vista nicht mehr unterstützt werden? Immerhin zocken MTA auch viele 3. Welt Länder, mit schlechten PCs und veralteten Betriebssystemen. Laut Recherche soll es immer noch Leute (auch einige Firmen) geben, die XP benutzen. Ein Update vor ein paar Monaten, erschien sogar doch ebenfalls für XP. Dann werden ja auch viele Leute bestimmt noch Vista verwenden.

      Aber auf jeden Fall mega nice, dass nun endlich wieder ein Update erschienen ist :thumbsup: